Pur Water Purifier

PUR water purifier has changed the lives of many people in very poor countries that depend on lakes, rivers and very shallow wells for survival; such water sources are contaminated and muddy, not to mention that the infestation level is more than high. The PUR water purifier is also excellent in areas where during the rainy season, the water that is usually clear during the dry season turns cloudy and almost unusable. The invention of the PUR water purifier is the merit of Procter & Gamble that had an immense support from the US Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention for this project.

PUR water purifier consists of a special powder for disinfectant household use; it is packed in small and practical sachets and the price is definitely affordable. Due to its features, PUR water purifier is presently considered a product with the potential to drastically improve water treatment in developing countries. The action of the product consists in the inactivation of bacteria, protozoa and diverse viruses, but it also has some supplementary qualities that involve the removal of the arsenic and the elimination of the water turbidity. With PUR water purifier, drinking water is clear and safe. If we take a look at the maintenance costs will see how reliable the product actually is.

The PUR water purifier costs the average household user no more than ten cents per day for the production of all the necessary water supply. According to the regulations of the World Health Organization this product meets all the requirements for portable water situations. When PUR is combined with water, it immediately destroys all the pathogens and causes dirt and impurities to settle at the bottom of the vessel. The difference is immediately noticeable, and one can easily tell afterwards when water is drinkable or not.

With an efficiency range of 99%, PUR water purifier is safely used in areas affected by floods where water is too muddy to be drunk. People who suffer from HIV / AIDS are also encouraged to take advantage of the product since any contamination in their case could be fatal. Humanitarian campaigns organized in Uganda or Kenya focused on the use of PUR water purifier as a means of improving the average health level of the population. In Latin America, the product was also a great success, but not just because of smart promotions but because of its remarkable disinfectant properties.

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