Lamp Premios

The lamp premios or awards are offered yearly in Spain to show appreciation for the successful projects that have combined real and virtual illumination in deep and inner spaces. After all, lighting implies the creation of a positive synergism between architectural details, interior designs and illumination aspects. The contest and the lamp premios were created for interior designers, architects and even students in the formation process of a designing career. There are two categories for which you can run for lamp premios: complete lighting systems and virtual projects, and the prizes are no less than 25,000 euros.

The lamp premios go for the projects that have solved of an excellent manner the real or virtual illumination problems related to our times, and the challenges of modern building lighting. They will admit all types of projects of illumination made or proposed, between the 1st of January 2006 the 31st of December 2007. The participation application is available online and the registration has already started at the beginning of October, so the race for the lamp premios has already started and it could become pretty tight by the 2008 deadline when the winner will be selected.

There is a prestigious jury selected to decide to whom the lamp premios will go in 2008; they are all professionals from around the world recognized for their unique careers in the world of design, architecture and interior decorations. Most jury members selected for the lamp premios belong to the Spanish lighting professional associations and companies that offer accreditations and certifications for exquisite work in the field. Being on board of such major contests only emphasizes the level at which some people can get through exquisite career making skills.

There are three award categories; first of the lamp premios are offered for real solutions, that is for projects that have solved some very demanding lighting conditions. In order to take part in the competition for this category you would have to send pictures and plans of the projects you've contributed to. Then, for the virtual proposal lighting solutions, the things could get even more complicated as you'd have to come up with miniature models and info-graphic designs of the systems. Last but not least, student projects are also going to be evaluated and passed for approval in case they prove viable. Therefore, get ready for a new and truly competitive lamp premios competition.

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