The benefits of wine are manifold, but cautions are not excluded. Besides the great taste, the relaxation it brings and the way it turns food more appealing, wine also has an impact on our health, being used for thousands of years now for its nutritive properties. In the old times wine was believed to purge fever, disinfect open wounds, not to mention that it had a great role in the regeneration of the red blood cells. The explanation behind the therapeutic effects of wine lies in the fact that in the presence of wine acids, germs and bacteria cannot resist. Besides the significant amount of minerals and vitamins, wine is also considered a great appetizer.

There were times when the benefits of moderate wine consume for human health were not recognized, and any reference to the use in medical practice was excluded from books and applications. Paradoxically enough, scientific research has revealed the fact that a glass of wine during a meal works great for the prevention of coronary disease; anything that goes beyond the moderate consume level is risky and dangerous for the health condition. Europeans are known to drink more wine with their meals than Americans do for instance. The latter would rather have soft drinks, tea or coffee instead of wine or water.

Nevertheless we need to insist on the fact that most people who drink wine do not take it as some form of dietary supplement, but actually enjoy the sheer pleasure of a quality drink. Wine brings relaxation, creates a certain atmosphere and definitely makes certain dishes taste delicious. Pork or venison for instance go extremely well with a red wine variety, whereas poultry, fish or sea fruit are usually paired with white wine. The market is absolutely flooded with a variety of wines, and the average consumer who'd simply want to have a great meal doesn't have to pay a fortune for a good bottle of wine.

Wine also works well for all sorts of social occasions: whether served at the table or offered as a gift. Many people have taken the custom of sending a bottle of wine with a card in order to show their appreciation, express congratulations, mark a certain event or simply say “thank you”. Therefore, some wine bottles are already included in special packages meant to be presented on a variety of occasions, from anniversaries and birthdays to the holiday season and the closure of business deals.

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