Wine Glasses

How long have wine glasses been used in our society? Nobody remembers exactly, but it must have been some time in the old ages, probably in the antiquity when instead of glass, drinking vessels were made of more or less precious materials such as gold. In terms of wine glasses as historic relics the best preserved ones date back to the 15th century, they are the product of European craftsmen and represent the traditional image of the stem and foot wine glasses that is so very common to our modern eyes. Little by little the complexity of wine glasses increased as engraved decorations became very fashionable.

The use of wine glasses varies according to the type of liquor you intend to serve: the shape, the size and even the color of a glass influence the drinker's perception of the wine as such. To speak in perfect honesty there are no rules that dictate whether one type of wine glasses or another should be used for a certain matter: there is nothing official except for common sense and good taste. The visual aspect plays an important role in the matter besides taste and smell. Transparent wine glasses will always better reflect the color properties of the beverage, making it more appealing by its external perception.

There are certain things one should keep in mind when choosing wine glasses. First of all, the light play is very important since the color of the wine is reflected in the inner glass walls; furthermore, the aroma is captured in a specific way in the recipient, which makes the same wine smell a little different when presented in several types of glasses. The size of the wine glasses depends on the moment when you intend to serve the wine during the meal: thus, if you have a rich wine with your dinner for instance, a larger type of glass will be used. Yet, for an after dinner cherry sip, a small sized model would be required.

A clear example of how certain wine glasses make the drink a lot more enjoyable are the models used for serving champagne. The slender tulip glass favors the achievement of all the visual pleasure of watching bubbles getting out of a clear sparkling wine. If you want to purchase wine glasses that would serve well for all purposes, you'll definitely manage to stick to a pretty tight budget. When arranging several designs at the table, their use during the meal will be from right to left, since food is served the other way round.

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