Wine Enthusiast

For any wine enthusiast wine is more than just a liquor, it is a valuable beverage that triggers a certain chemistry and plays a fundamental role not just from the commercial point of view but intellectually, universally and socially speaking. The very history of wine is dating back to times when only the most well educated and wealthy people enjoyed it plentifully. However, a wine enthusiast found among the poor and the illiterate was not rare either, as the pleasure of this sense stimulant is widely applicable to anyone, regardless of personal and social status. Presently, wine relates to so many areas that it is almost impossible to exhaust it as an object of study.

First and foremost, wine has a chemical composition that makes it the perfect accompaniment for food: fatty dishes would not be the same without the mild acidity and the taste contrast that wine creates. You don't have to be a passioned wine enthusiast to actually be aware of the way it complements the taste of food. Furthermore, since meals are often a pretext for social interaction, wine is often the bond or the missing link in faulty communication. It relaxes the mind, eliminates the tension and stimulates creativity. Any wine enthusiast knows that as long as drinking remains rational, the pleasure is maximum.

The taste buds are the ones to sense the pleasant sensations triggered by wine and the combination of sweetness and acidity is the balance on which wine quality actually relies. It is not seldom that a wine enthusiast is happy to discover some fruity flavor in the liquor; usually such flavors contribute to the sweetness of the wine, depending on the general characteristics of the fruit that create them. Rich dimensions can be found in wine owing to the possibility to combine the taste of grapes with that of certain other fruits like pears, strawberries, elderberries and the like.

If for an amateur it is difficult to tell how white and red wine varieties are created, a wine enthusiast will most certainly know the difference. If red wine is made by the fermentation of the entire grapes, the white wine is the fermentation product of grape juice only: there is no fruit meat or skins left to the composition. Such knowledge may seem basic, but there are lots of other details that a wine enthusiast will share with others, since the topic is so wide and comprehensive that it could not be covered easily.

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