Wine Cooler

What does it come to your mind when you hear “wine cooler” on a hot summer day? I'm sure that you'll think about the delicious carbonated beverage made from wine and fruit juice that can bring you the much looked for freshness. According to tradition, a wine cooler is home-made, nevertheless, since the first years of the 80s, when it was introduced to the United States, it also started to be bottled and sold in supermarkets. A wine cooler resembles more to a soft drink than to an alcoholic beverage, and therefore, it doesn't fall under the same restrictions and laws that apply to alcohol.

Though the classic recipe of a wine cooler includes wine as the must-have ingredient, producers sometimes use the much cheaper malt instead of it. This explains the existence of other names for the beverage such as “melon cooler” and some others; but for such cases the definition of “wine cooler” definitely doesn't apply any longer. In case you are interested in preparing this very fresh beverage, you can try one of the many recipes uploaded on the Internet; you don't have to actually use classical wine, other varieties could also work for the matter: strawberry and raspberry for instance you could add an extra flavor for instance.

As for the fruit juice required by a wine cooler, there is usually a combination that very much depends on the nature of the wine too. For instance, white wine goes very well in association with lime juice, grapefruit juice and pineapple juice. On the other hand, if you use red or ruby wine, then strawberry, apple and orange are the best combinations for the making of this fresh drink. Nevertheless, creativity has no limits as long as you can make the beverage taste excellent; hence, feel free to use whatever you consider suitable for the combination.

For anyone worrying about diet and calories, there are certain wine cooler recipes that won't make you put on not even an ounce. Thus it is good to use grapefruit, oranges and limes, for the fruit juice part of the composition, and lower the sugar amount you add to the combination; brown sugar and sugar substitutes could definitely be better for the matter. Furthermore, if you turn to a ready made fruit juice, choose a low-calorie one in a fizzy variant, which will make the wine cooler a lot easier to prepare.

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