Wine Cellar

The storage conditions in the wine cellar are the ones that positively or negatively influence the quality and the taste of the wine, particularly when it is stored with the aging intention in mind. Regardless of whether you are a passionate collector or an amateur, try to control factors like humidity, temperature and oxidation when it comes to arranging the wine cellar, this is the perfect way to protect the investment and to ensure the wine improvement as years pass by.

In the wine cellar, the bottles need to be kept hermetically closed so that no air enters to the wine and alters it. In order to keep air out, the best storage idea is to place the bottles horizontally so that the liquid is in permanent contact with the cork. Due to the fact that the cork expands because of moisture, the chances of air altering the wine are almost zero. Wood and metal racks are available in a variety of designs for anyone who is trying to create the perfect wine cellar.

The temperature in the wine cellar should be kept optimal depending on the type of wines you are storing; red wines are best kept with higher temperatures from 52 to 60 degrees whereas white wines increase their quality when the temperature varies somewhere between 40 and 52 degrees. Make sure that the wine cellar is not exposed to sudden temperature fluctuations, as these elements affect the wine quality leading to loss of properties. However, small fluctuations that are normal from one season to another are usually best tolerated by wine.

Experts claim that the wine ages in direct relationship with the temperature in the wine cellar, and that a higher temperature imposes an accelerated aging rhythm, whereas a lower storage temperature makes the aging process a lot slower. However, the idea is that extremes should be avoided and that a certain balance be preserved in time.

Last but not least, the humidity in the wine cellar is equally important for the good preservation of the wines. Even the wood the wine racks are made of represents an important factor for the moisture preservation in the wine cellar: thus, redwood is considered to be the perfect choice for the proper wine moisture level. Redwood is not affected by the 50 or 80% humidity that is often recommended for wine preservation, this type of wood will endure such conditions without showing any signs of decay.

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