Wine Cabinets

Storage is a very important issue when it comes to wine, and, regardless whether you are an amateur or a professional collector, there are great things one can achieve to preserve wine in the best of conditions. Wine cabinets are among the most popular ways of storing fine wines: they are used as special parts of the house where great wine lovers choose to take care of all the details related to moisture, storage temperature and racks. Most wine experts take a great liking in combining wine drinking with a certain mystery of magic. Presently there are hundred on Internet sites where one would find tips for designing the perfect wine cabinets.

The creation of wine cabinets very much depends on location: are they going to be part of living or non-living areas? For the integration of wine cabinets in the general style of the house, some additional considerations require careful thinking before actually making the choice as such. What will the door style be like? What about the wood varieties used in the design of the wine cabinets? When such special storage places are located in non-living areas of the house like the basement or the garage, things are less complex.

If we analyze the size issue of the wine cabinets, the storage capacity should not be a problem since this parameter is usually flexible according to the design you choose. The size of wine cabinet is measured in the storage capacity, and this parameter normally ranges between 100 and over 500 bottles. Efficiency and stability of the wine racks should not be neglected under the circumstances particularly if we are talking about different configurations of the wine cabinets. Most people who choose to create such a unique house corner are usually interested in preserving wines for decades, actually ensuring a proper aging process.

Wine cabinets may be the perfect choice when it comes to wine aging, but one definitely has to make sure that the environment factors are well kept under control. Thus, the relative humidity of the place needs to be somewhere between 50 and 70%, not to mention that temperature is equally important. A proper temperature, usually ranging between 53 and 57F degrees ensures the correct maturation of the wines, whereas the air humidity preserves the corks in a good condition, eliminating the risk of oxidation that is sometimes too high and ends up by ruining the wines.

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