Wine 101

Lots of people who take a great liking in wine tasting and wine production as such are often interested in taking real trips to famous areas on the globe where wine is at its best. We are talking about the type of wine 101 circuits organized to France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the United States, where one gets the chance of becoming educated in the world of wine. If you get a look on the Internet for wine 101 opportunities, you'll be surprised what a rich cultural experience it's out there in stock for anyone who'd like to experience wine adventure as a connoisseur.

Wise men say that in each wine there is culture: one learns how to appreciate the craft of a wine maker, the ritual of drinking and the bouquet of the drink. When it comes to wine 101 tricks, one necessarily needs to understand that there is something social, something sensuous, something healthy and something intellectually hidden in every quality wine. What is there to expect from a wine 101 trip? First of all, the perfect time to start such a journey is in mid autumn, after the harvesting of the grapes: the end of September and the beginning of October are the ideal periods.

Then, if you visit a winery during the full wine making season, you'll definitely find out what the process is like directly from the source. Some wines have a longer fermentation process than others, not to mention that the most refined types are those with a natural sweetness, so that no sugar needs to be added. In case you choose the wine 101 visit to a winery in spring, autumn or winter, you'll only get the chance of tasting some of the most exquisite products of the area. On organized programs there will be certain workshops where you'll be explained how to differentiate between wine varieties and how to recognize the elements that increase or decrease wine quality.

Wine history, wine varieties and the specificities of certain geographical areas famous for the wine production are the basics of any wine 101 information tour. In order to fully appreciate the inherent value of such an exquisite liquor, you'll have to perceive it with all the five basic senses as well as with the spirit. Due to the fact that there is almost a limitless range of flavors, one has to look for answers in the climate, the soil, the technology of wine making, the vintage conditions as well as the geography of the area.

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