Summer Wine

The title “Summer Wine” brings a famous song to one's memory; sung by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, it also inspired and stirred the creativity of other great musicians in time. Here we refer to the famous U2 member, Bono, to a band such as the Corrs as well as to orchestras all over the world. The lyrics are inspiring and definitely touch one's soul. What is “Summer Wine” actually expressing?

Summer wine is made of a mixture of cherries and strawberries, but the magic ingredient of the liquor is the angel's kiss that charms and puts the drinker under the spell. The song starts with the “definition” of the summer wine, and these lyrics are repeated throughout the song as a recurring motif or a refrain. One thing is for sure, there is a certain mood and a special way of perceiving the summer wine as “mine”.

The temptress who lures the singer with the summer wine is an anonymous “she” attracted by the jingles of the silver spurs that she wants for herself. In return for the precious things she promises and actually gives summer wine. Cherries and strawberries are not randomly chosen as the ingredients of wine: first of all they relate to summer by specificity to the season, but most important of all they carry the unique flavor of sunny days.

Cherries and strawberries have always been included in certain recipes to make “summer wine”, most often this type of beverage is very similar to a normal soft drink one has in order to cool down or to make the heat of a summer day more bearable. However, there is enough alcohol in the summer wine to make one get dizzy and lose control over the senses. This is actually how the story goes in the song too.

The lips can no longer speak, the eyes grow heavy and the singer is totally won over under the “magic” of the summer wine. When he wakes up in the morning the silver spurs are gone and so is the girl with the angel-like kisses. The memory of the summer wine treat is only preserved in the headaches and the sickness that alcohol leaves behind when one has too much of it.

The overall feeling the song gives is one of idyllic love: there is flirt, there is passion in kisses and the senses are stirred by the qualities of the summer wine. Nevertheless at the other end of the story, there lies the abrupt waking up when the magic is gone and the world is what it is: with morning hangovers and material interests.

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