Strawberry Wine

Many grapes don't always seem like the right choice to make wine: basically, all fruits are suitable for preparing such a liquor due to their natural sugar content. This would explain the great popularity of the strawberry wine, which is partly justified by its great natural flavor. If you imagine strawberry wine to be thick and sweet, well this is not the case with the best of drinks.

Strawberry wine does not require even an ounce of sugar added, unless you really want to make it very sweet; otherwise its natural dryness is definitely exquisite. Another great thing is that strawberry wine is a great taste experience, since you'll be confronted with several flavors at a time, yet, the predominant one will not allow for any doubts concerning the fruits it was made of.

Strawberry wine is perfect to prepare at home: it leaves a lingering fruity aroma for a long time after the making process is over, and you'll be truly delighted to feel it everywhere around the house. Though sometimes labeled as having a sophisticated taste, strawberry wine is easy to make, pretty cheap and really delicious. The perfect fruit for this liquor are wild strawberries, yet it is a lot more difficult to find them as such, not to mention that they are pretty smaller as compared to the ones you buy from the market.

Domestic fruit are also a great choice for strawberry wine, there is not a rule to say which kind to use. There are however all sorts of flavor varieties you can choose from, and naturally, you should pick those with the most intense aroma. Making a home wine has very much to do with adding your personal touch to the drink, particularly if you have made wine before. You will definitely need a wine making kit and some tips to achieve the right acid and sweetness level in the composition.

In terms of fruit quality, strawberry wine requires that the standard be a pretty high one. Do not neglect the importance of cleaning the strawberries from all leaves and stems, not to mention that any unripened parts left could affect the quality and the sweetness of the wine. In case you are using frozen fruit, they need to be thawed completely and mashed into a paste afterwards. Always keep a close eye on the tips and the recipe details, particularly if you are making strawberry wine for the first time.

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