Iron And Wine

Rock fans may not know who Sam Beam is, but when they hear Iron and Wine, things do change. As a matter of fact, the latter is the stage name of the folk-rock singer, Sam Beam, for which he was inspired by the name of a dietary supplement. The first Iron and Wine album was released in 2002 and it is an exquisite combination of acoustic guitars, slide guitar and banjo. Even more surprising is the fact that Sam Beam used his personal home studio for the recording and producing of all the songs on the first Iron and Wine album. He is both track producer and live performer, which undoubtedly increases the audience's appreciation.

The second Iron and Wine album was recorded in a professional studio, and the focus fell on the acoustic quality this time, more than on other details. There was also a change in sound created by the inclusion of other band members on the track; all in all, this new Iron and Wine album was also labeled as a great success and marked a new stage of development. It is actually characteristic for the Sam Beam style to add something new with each creation, and other innovations were not late to appear in 2005 for instance, when another change in the Iron and Wine sound appeared with the use of electric guitars.

Woman King was the EP produced in the first months of 2005, and it surprised the audience by the very special biblical notes it included. This time the Iron and Wine main feature was related to womanhood and spirituality, whereas with In the Reins, Sam Beam chose a combination of Mexican music, jazz and other American folk varieties. Unlike any of the previous records, Iron and Wine was now marked by the use of certain brass instruments in the creation of the sound specificity, but only certain tracks are touched by this innovative feature.

The latest Iron and Wine album released in September 2007 benefited from the presence of great jazz musicians that contributed to the making. This new album was meant to make a stand regarding the political confusion that characterizes not only the United States but almost the entire globe. We should also mention the fact that the Iron and Wine music was more than once chosen as film soundtrack or commercial background due to its intense message and the ability to reach the target audience's mind.

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