Elderberry Wine

Included in the category of fermented alcoholic drinks, elderberry wine is one of the most well flavored fruit liquor produced at home or in industrial conditions. Fruit wine is often preferred to the traditional type of beverage due to the lower alcohol concentration in the structure, not to mention that it is sweeter and more juice-like than any other beverage of the kind. Together with strawberries, elderberries are some of the few fruits that have all the right amounts of natural substances to create a respectable and tasty wine. Elderberry wine contains acid, sugar and tannin that allow a natural and rapid fermentation.

The elderberry wine is made from the fruits of a shrub that produces blue and black berries; it usually grows in the wild and the right time for the making of this liquor is in mid summer. Elderberry wine is very well flavored and its aroma is directly connected to the area where it grows: moist land, rich soil, particularly on river banks and pastures. It is the juice of these fruit that makes the right ingredient for the elderberry wine, being also used to make jelly for instance. Do not cook the elderberries, they need to be raw in order to make the perfect wine.

There are plenty of recipes for preparing elderberry wine: some of them recommend the use of fresh fruit some others rely on dried elderberries. The color of the wine as such can be enhanced if you place the wine vessel into a dark room during the fermentation process; even afterwards when the elderberry wine is ready, always store it in dark bottles and in dark places in order to preserve its qualities. When you pour such a wine in your glass, you'll be truly delighted with the result as it appeals to the senses through the visual impact, the smell and finally the taste.

The fruits you use for the elderberry wine need to be completely clean and have the stems removed, afterwards wash them with fresh water and mash them wearing rubber gloves. Elderberry wine usually requires the use of a certain amount of sugar, as the fruit are pretty sour; in order to do things properly, always follow a recipe so as to make sure all the necessary steps are taken. The making process can take up to at least two months, and during this period of time you'd have to take care of the elderberry wine progressively and persistently. However, the effort is worth making; enjoy it!

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