Short Wigs

For some reason when most people think of wigs, the image of a female wearing a long flowing wig that almost takes over her head and shoulders comes to mind. But in reality, wig use covers the gamut ages, genders and styles. And what might be surprising is that most wigs that are bought are not extravagant and splashy affairs designed to draw attention to themselves.

In fact, most wigs that normal, everyday people buy are designed to have the opposite effect. If a wig is so natural that is creates a perfect look on the head without drawing attention to itself, that is a good wig. In fact, for most of us, if we never see anyone glance directly at the wig, that is a good feeling. But if people do look too much at your wig, then you would start to suspect that the wig was obvious and then it is not doing its job well.

The great thing about building a collection of similar wigs is you can literally change your look overnight. You donít want to do so too quickly because if you go from a short hair look to long flowing hair the next, the jig will be up. But if you do decide to go with a shorter hair look, not only can you style and shape any one of your wigs to a lot of fun fashion looks, you can keep styles of different colors and change your hair color without an ounce of dye.

Itís a good idea to shop some of the shorter wig styles when you are planning your look that you will achieve with these versatile hairpieces. That is because a shorter wig creates a stylish frame around your chin and face. Depending on your facial type, the shape of the wig can do so much to bring out the natural symmetry of your face and skin tone.

In many ways, a good wig, like a good hairstyle, can correct for shape issues you might have with your face while bringing out the areas of loveliness (or handsomeness) you want to see emphasized. Along with the shape of the hair, the color can be customized to perfectly accent your skin tone and even the color of your eyes so the wig becomes a spotlight on your look presenting your best look to the world each time you leave the house.

Unlike your natural hair, wigs can be selected and changed in moments. You can take a few hours at the wig boutique and use the skills of a stylist to try on different looks until you find the hairstyle that is the perfect match for the look you want to achieve. But if you want an entirely different look, it isnít a matter of investing months into growing your hair and taking risks with hair color experiments. Just try out a new wig and if it works, you are all set. That is the beauty of using hairpieces to develop your fashion ideas. It is all fun and no risk.

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