Powdered Wig

The Victorian Period of history is one that we most love to explore and dress up to imitate because the style of that period was so colorful, ornate and fun. A good example of how we all enjoy revising that time period was the success of the movie, Marie Antoinette which was an Oscar nominee for costume. Watching that fun film, you can just tell that the performers were having a wonderful time in those wigs and fancy consumes and "putting on airs" in keeping with our perception of those times.

Unlike a wig, you might buy to make you look for dashing or beautiful on our culture, a wig to recreate the Victorian era will have that powdered look and be ornate and tower over your head to create a spectacle all by itself. It is said that during that time in history, some women wore such dramatic and tall wigs that they virtually could not get through doorways because of their hair.

For us this kind of ornate costuming is both historical and fun to the point that it is almost silly. Small wonder that some of the most successful comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and Monty Pythons Flying Circus love to include sketches set in this time frame so their performers can have great fun making fun of our perception of the dress and behavior of the people of this time.

Another great historic costume where a powdered headpiece can really top of a great look is if you want to look like an English barrister or judge. This kind of costume is great for a skit you might want to put on that is set in this time frame or to get heads turning at the next costume party you are going to attend. But be careful because once you put on the totally look of a grumpy English politician or judge, you may enjoy it so much that it might be hard to put it away until the next party.

Costume shops are a great resource for the ornate wigs and highly detailed costumes you might need to make your look fit the occasion. These are the kinds of outfits that taking the time to try them on to make sure you can perform the basic duties of walking and sitting down in costume is possible. This is especially true for the ladies whose gowns can become so complicated that just maneuvering the thing into a room could require a dedicated time of practice before you try to make an entrance.

When you finally do get the total look in place, the finishing touch will be that powdered headpiece that itself could be complicated and ornate. You might need a bit of help to get it in place on your head and secured so you can maneuver under that large covering and be secure it isnt going to begin to slip off. But when it is ready to go and you are used to having it on your head, you will have the time of your life walking about and learning that Victorian "strut" that lets you have not only the great costume but a real attitude of superiority that this kind of fun costume seems to bring with it.

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