Mens Wigs

For a lot of men, the idea of "getting a rug" can be a little bit disturbing. If you have a man in your life who would benefit from getting a wig or a toupee, it is important to approach the subject gently. The male ego is very much tied up in youth and much of that is symbolized by a man's hair. So when men begin to bald or thin on top, that can be a real blow to the ego. In fact, balding may be as much a cause of midlife crisis in men as any other factor.

Getting a wig that looks natural and that will restore that youthful look is a good answer to the problem of balding. But there are a lot of myths that some men carry around in their heads about people that wear "a rug" that often will keep a man from benefiting from this common and safe answer to what happens to their hair during aging.

One myth men have is that it is easy to tell if a guy has a toupee or wig on. The problem is made more acute if you or your man has seen someone who was wearing a bad wig that did not fit or was not a good design for their head so it was very obvious that they had a fake head of hair on their head. When a man sees another guy doing that, he feels embarrassed for his friend and sees the step of getting a wig as pitiful and desperate.

The truth is that many men wear wigs for much of their adult lives and nobody but their loved ones are able to tell. It isnít a function of the wig industry that all wigs are that transparent to detect. In fact, the very premise of the wig industry is that they can give you a natural look that cannot be distinguished from your natural hair. The problem that happens that results in a very obvious hairpiece choice is when the man either buys a cheap wig, does not get good consultation so it suits his head and blends in with his natural hair or when the man doesnít know how to put his wig on well so it slips or looks artificial on his head.

It is also a myth that wigs are unaffordable and a lot of work to take care of. While you donít want to buy a "cheap wig" which puts us right back where we started because that is just the kind of hairpiece that looks fake, you can get a quality toupee for a reasonable price. At the high end of wig prices would be a customized wig you had made just for your head. But there are lots of find wig retailers who will work with you and come up with a prepared wig that fits you perfectly and blends in with your natural hair so nobody has any idea you have it on.

Natural hair wigs are no more difficult to take care of than your own hair. If the toupee is made of human hair, you wash it and care for it as you always had your own hair. Synthetic hair takes even less maintenance and only requires some expected care and cleaning to stay good looking for years. The important this is to see your new wig as a valuable part of your look and as important to your wardrobe as your glasses or your car. If you have a good attitude and are willing to buy a quality wig and take good care of it, it can look great and for all intents and purposes eliminate the balding or thinning hair problem for any man.

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