Lace Wigs

When you see some big Hollywood star that you just know he or she is sporting a wig, it is easy to be impressed with how great their looks and what a natural look that wig gives them. Obviously, they have a secret and that secret is that many times these media celebrities are wearing lace wigs. The Lace wig craze has really taken off especially in fashionable circles so you may be interested in giving this kind of hairpiece a try. If you do, one of the most important skills you can develop is how to prepare your scalp so you can wear the wig safely and comfortably and so it will stay in place and make you look great from morning until night.

Your natural hair should be well cared for before you subject it to a day of living under a wig. Not only that but your scalp should be prepared well also first because it will be covered for many hours and second because you will be applying adhesives to it so you want to maintain healthy scalp throughout the cycle of wig application and removal. So the very first step of preparation to apply your new lace wig is to clean and condition your hair and wash your scalp thoroughly and dry it well also. Making sure your hair and scalp are in perfect condition before covering them with the wig is a step toward taking good care of yourself while looking good as well.

For the ladies or anyone with long hair, the next step is to braid your hair and/or use a tight wrap to secure your natural hair during the time you are wearing the wig. Tight cornrows are a good approach to braiding because it gives you total control over the hair while it is under the hairpiece. Braiding or wrapping the hair correctly before wig application may take some assistance but it is a step worth doing well.

In addition to clean hair and scalp, perform a thorough washing of your face and forehead and use cotton swabs and alcohol to be absolutely certain you remove all natural oils from the skin at the hairline where the adhesive will be applied to secure the wig in place. Once the scalp has been cleaned and prepared, use a commercial scalp protector before putting the adhesives in place to assure that you will finish the day with skin as healthy as when you started it.

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