Lace Front Wigs

There is no question that in terms of your look and self-esteem, a wig can do so much for you. And in the world of wigs, the lace front models stand out because they are so natural looking and they wear well as you participate in many activities. Because lace wigs look like real hair, many people you know may be wearing them and you would never know it.

So the decision to go with a lace front style wig isnt too difficult. The real challenge is just learning to put one on so it looks right and wears right all day long. But these outstanding wigs are designed to be put on by you, the wearer and not require special application once you learn a few tricks of how to get them in place just right.

The first but very important step to a long life of happiness wearing your wig is to find the right kind of adhesive that is good to your skin but works reliably so the wig does not slip even if you perspire. Most people use either a glue style adhesive or double sided tape but if you don't go with an adhesive that is designed to hold your wig in place, you could find it chaffing and itching as you wear the wig and then have a nightmare getting the adhesive off of your scalp later that night. So buy quality adhesives that are designed to do their job in such a way that nobody knows the adhesive is there.

If you are going to use glue style adhesive, pull the edge of the wig back about one inch and then apply the adhesive evenly. By putting the adhesive on the wig, it easily blends in with the hairpiece and once it attaches to your head, it looks like the hair is growing naturally rather than like there is a wig there. And that is what you want.

Working with double stick tape is a little trickier but once you get the hang of it, it will become routine for you. You start with small strips of tape about three inches long, which you apply to the tape strip of the wig. Start in the front hairline and apply the tape and then press it in place and hold it. Then work your way along the front, placing the tape in place and pressing it to your scalp until it holds until the entire front area is in place. Since this is the part of your head that will be seen the most, you want the fit along your front scalp to be the starting place. Then you can proceed around your head until the wig is secure.

You will have to find the right methods of cutting and placing the tape that works best for you. It could be that you cut all of the tape strips at first and then apply them since your hands will be busy with the wig once the application process gets underway. But you will get a feel for the process and before long putting your lace wig on each day will be as natural as shaving. And it will make you look just as great as any other cosmetic activity you might do.

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