Hippie Wig

One of the most fun ideas for a party or a dance is some kind of retro costume affair. If you go with a fifties theme, then crew cuts and bobbie socks are just the right thing. But if you want to recreate Woodstock and the feel of the late sixties and early seventies, there is nothing like a full fledged hippie outfit with the tie-died t-shirts and that floppy wig to put you "in the groove" to have a great time.

For a lot of us, it just takes a trip to mom or dad's closet or Grandma and Grandpa's attic to find a wealth of hippie and disco outfits that can give you lots of options for a period costume for the upcoming retro party. But that costume will not be complete without the perfect hair of the period. After all, if you are going to dance to the music of the rock musical "Hair", you want to do so with plenty of hair on your head as well, even if it isn't your hair.

Wigs and costumes that affect this fun era of our history are amazingly similar between the genders. One fashion to try is the long stringy hair look that flops over the face. Whether you are a girl or a boy, that look shouts "hippie" even before you put on the bell bottoms and the Woodstock t-shirt. For girls, braids and even colored strands emphasize the psychedelic and creative side of the hippie culture, or at least what we perceive to have been the hippie culture.

For the guys, a hippie costume gives you a chance to get a little "trippy" even if you are an accountant and so conservative that colored shirts are too wild for you on a daily basis. But just enjoying the silliness of a sixties or seventies retro party where you can throw the long strands of your "counter culture" hair back and be someone else for a while is actually pretty liberating. Throw in a paisley shirt and some ragged blue jeans with peace signs on them and you can really disappear into your character for a while.

The options for finding a good hippie outfit including the wig vary depending on how many ex-hippies you might know. Lots of second hand shops carry old clothes that either fit the time frame or can be made to do so. Making your hippie outfit might be as much fun as the outfit. However, the one item that might be hard to make is the wig so a visit to your local costume shop might be a good way to fill that need. There you can pick the kind of hippie look you want and even try a few on to fit whatever "counter culture" image that you like. But whether you make or buy or rent the various parts of your total hippie look, you will have a lot of fun being a hippie for a night and let your hair down and let the sunshine in at least as long as you have the costume on.

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