Front Lace Wigs

Different kinds of wigs are better than others at looking real and creating the effect of being natural hair for the individual wearing the wig. In television and movies, many times we see wigs like that in use by performers that we know do not have that kind of hair. It isn't special effects that produces that amazing naturalness in the wigs being used by Hollywood stars and music superstars. Often it is a style of wigs these performers are using that utilizes a front lace method that is able to look so realistic.

One of the reasons these beautiful wigs are so natural is that the hairs are tied individually to the lace which is a far more natural looking effect than most wigs can achieve. That method of tying the hairs to the lace directly allows the hair to behave in a very natural way and fall and move like natural hair does so the wig does not look artificial or fake. The front lace design is probably one of the most popular wig designs especially with women because they create a natural hairline that blends perfectly with the wearer's actual hair growth patterns.

Front lace is a style of wig that can be easily integrated with existing hair so much so that the division between wig and hair disappears. In many cases, a woman can braid her natural hair and fold it into the wig so that neural skin tone and hair color blends with the wing beautifully. In some wigs that use the front lace design, baby hairs are mixed in with the rest of the pattern in the front of the wig which adds another layer of natural beautify to the hairpiece

The final step of securing the wig in place so it moves with the scalp naturally is to use a wig glue specifically designed to be safe for the skin and to hold the wig in place and yet allow you to remove it and clean your scalp easily when you need to. Caution should be taken not to allow that adhesive to mix with your real hair. But with some care, this is a well tested method that will give you a natural look that only you and your family knows is a wig.

This attention to detail in how front lace designs are made is one of the reasons that they are more expensive than many other kinds of wigs. For people who wear a wig for professional purposes, however, there really is no substitute for the craftsmanship the front lace method brings to the wig making art. And that craftsmanship shines through each time you are wearing your wig as you notice the admiration your friends and associates have for your lovely hair.

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