Elvis Wigs

Costume parties are always fun. And when a costume party has a theme like reliving the fifties or sixties, your imagination can go wild thinking of the perfect costume to show up in and really steal the party. And because one of the most exciting and fun parts of any period costume from the fifties is the hairstyle, finding the right wig is always the best start to any look you want to create.

If anyone set the tone for the hairstyles of that decade, it was probably Elvis Presley. His characteristic combed back, jet black hairstyle is so distinctive that if you just want to use the style for any fifties costume look, you just have to say, "I want hair like Elvis" and everybody knows what you mean. And the odds are that even if you are not going to recreate a complete Elvis look, many costume shops will have a good supply of Elvis hairpieces to either finish off a great costume or get your outfit off and running in grand style.

Of course, you have to go for the full Elvis style if you do want the hair to be part of the overall impression. For one thing, Elvis always kept his hair perfectly groomed when he was out and about. So if you rent a wig to put a little Elvis into your personal style, it might come already permanently groomed so it will not move. But if you are going to comb and style it into the perfect pompadour, use plenty of hairspray so it stays that way.

Of course, to really capture the Elvis look, you need more than just the wig. The sunglasses are a must as are the sequins studded jump suit and white shoes. That is the classic "Elvis impersonator" look. But if you are an Elvis purist, you may wish to go back to his early days and create a look that is more of a James Dean look than the Los Vegas feel of his outfits later in life. The good thing about going for this version of Elvis is you can put your outfit together with some high water skinny jeans and a leather jacket that you might have around the house. If it all looks good on you, you just have to get that classic Elvis upraised lip and accent and you have yourself a costume that you can work all night long.

You may find that putting your Elvis apparel and wig in place may actually give you the walk and the drawl of the King of Rock and Roll. If so, have fun with it because everyone else is. If you get a chance to perform Jailhouse Rock or Hound Dog at the party, throw yourself into it. That’s the fun of these retro parties. As much as you are having a great time, so is everyone else. And I suspect the King himself would be honored looking down from Rock and Roll Heaven to see you giving him a salute with your loving impression.

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