Doll Wigs

People love dolls. It no doubt starts with many people in childhood. Especially for little girls, dolls become such a big part of growing up. But even little boys, as much as they would like to keep it quiet, dolls have a place in their early life even if they are dolls of army men or superheroes. Stuffed animals or larger dolls often become imaginary friends of children and dressing them and caring for them is an early life experience at caring for someone else.

Many parents find out quickly that making doll accessories is not only an economical way to provide for your child's play life, it is fun and you can give to your little one a variety that they could not get if you bought everything commercially. That skill has a real economic value because you can put the care into those items to assure that not only are they colorful and imaginative but safe and well made to assure they could hold up under the sometimes rough play of children.

Doll clothes and wigs need that kind of quality care in construction because they are in the hands of children constantly. Small wonder if you found that skill that you discovered the doll accessories have not only made it through the childhood of you kiddo but they look great. The shirts and pants you made have all the buttons and the wigs you made still are full and rich and can be combed by another generation of children if that is what you want to happen.

Not everybody can make wigs that can hold up that well over time. In fact, there is a vibrant cottage industry to be had if you enjoy making wigs for playthings like this and your product looks good and is of high quality. Because owning dolls in childhood is such a precious memory for many, collecting dolls in adulthood becomes a vibrant hobby for many adults, men and women alike. It isnt hard to find collectors who have very discerning standards for certain categories of dolls such as the Catrina or other kinds of antique dolls.

The antique market alone could be a consistent source of business if you are good at making wigs, clothing and accessories for dolls. By taking a valuable antique doll and "dressing it up" with a new wig and clothes, not only are you doing a service to people who want to preserve a valuable antique, you have lots of fun making what was old new again. In a way, it is a new career where you are paid to play with dolls all day long. What could be better than that?

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