Discount Wigs

The popularity of wigs comes from the many different uses people have for a new hairpiece. Some of those reasons are long term and call for a wig that must be absolutely lifelike for many years. But there are other times where a customer might just need a wig for short time perhaps due to a medical condition or as part of a show or a social situation, they are in.

Because there are so many different reasons for buying a wig, there is a strong market for wigs at a discount price. That is a market you can supply and see a real profit area if you can work out your supply of lower cost wigs and make them available to this customer base. Not only is this a good potential profit area for your business but you are doing your customers a real service providing them with an economical way to find quality wigs to meet whatever specific need they have.

The price levels your market of customers will be interested in will in part be driven by what they can find in the way of low cost wigs in other venues. If you are going to stock wigs at a discount as part of your regular inventory, you become a consumer of that market as well. Your customers may already be consumers of close outs, factory seconds and other marketing situations where discount goods are commonly found for all kinds of commodities. By becoming a follower of those trends yourself, not only will you have a good idea what kind of prices you are competing with, you move quickly to snap up a stock of wigs being sold in distress or at deep discounts and then resell them for good prices to your new customer base.

To establish that you are part of the lines of distribution for mark down wigs, you can build a relationship with the more upscale wig retailers so they know that you are the contact person to call when it is time to move some merchandise that is not suitable to their clientele. By building those relationships with local wig handlers and then moving on to national suppliers as well, you can take over the low cost wig market and become the central clearinghouse for such merchandise.

This is a market for your retail outlet that has a huge potential if it is not being serviced centrally in your community. By bringing the majority of the low cost wig supply under one roof, you are also doing your customers a favor because they dont have to always be waiting for clearances or when factories need to move their seconds. You can become the clearinghouse for this kind of merchandise and the "one stop shopping" that will build confidence in your customers that if they can't find a great price on a wig in your store, it cannot be found anywhere. That is a sweet market to capture.

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