Cheap Wigs

Finding a good deal when it is time to buy a new wig can be a challenge. This is especially true now because, like a lot of things, wig prices are going up. Part of that is due to increased demand around the world and part of it is related to the rise in the price of petroleum based products, which are used in some of the wig production. Like anything else though, if you are clever and know where to look, you can find good deals on wigs.

Believe it or not, wigs do go through cycles of fashion and from time to time wig manufacturers have clearance sales to make room for newer inventory. However, these sales are not always well advertised and only those who are "in the know" stay ahead of the game to get the good deals when they come out. So to cash in on these mark down sales, you should network with people in the know and stay on top of the web sites for the wig makers you want to buy from. Many times that is where breaking news of short term sales will be revealed only to those who are paying attention.

When shopping for good deals in other commodities, stores that deal in seconds or overstocks sometimes have terrific discounts. Similarly, wig production can result in damaged goods that are perfectly good wigs with small flaws that would not be evident when you are wearing the hairpiece. Different wig retailers have different ways of selling off this inventory so do some creative investigation to find out what happens when a wig is made and it is returned damaged or does not pass inspection.

Sometimes the best approach is to just ask when you are working with your wig salesperson. He or she may think you are curious on behalf of a charitable cause and that is a good reason to learn how wig seconds are handled as well. But along the way if you know how to lay your hands on a good wig deal for yourself, that is just smart shopping.

But don’t even though buying a wig is a very personal purchase and the right fit and personal attention to your choice is necessary, the rules of competition still apply. You can still comparison shop from one wig retailer to the next and if a wig retailer is losing sales because of price, they will come down.

Similarly, you can find lots of great deals on the internet that will give your local wig retailers a real run for their money in competition. At very least, make yourself aware of what is available from a cost comparison so when you do go to a retailer that you feel will do a good job for you, you know if their prices are in the ball park or if they are gouging you. You may not get a "cheap wig" that way but you will get one that doesn’t look cheap and you will get it at a reasonable price.

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