Cancer Wigs

When you have a friend or loved one who is about to take on one of life's biggest battles which is the fight against cancer, in a way their fight becomes our fight. Cancer is such an insidious and widespread danger that we all rally to the sides of anyone who decides not to give in and to fight this enemy no matter what it takes. And what it takes many times is chemotherapy, which is a highly effective way to kill off the cancer cells.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy is also very hard on the cancer patient. The resultant nausea, loss of appetite and energy and hair loss can be devastating. That is why for many cancer patients, the ability cover the effects of chemotherapy with an effective wig is one of the most therapeutic things that loved ones can do to help the cancer patient in their lives fight this battle.

It is well known that it takes more than just good doctors and medicines to defeat cancer. It takes the heart of a fighter and a strong will to live in the patient to essentially "say no" to a disease that can so easily take the life of its victims. That is why the emotional, social and spiritual battle that any cancer patient must fight is just as crucial to that final victory over cancer as the medical fight the doctors wage against the disease. Probably of all the medical battles, cancer has been the front where holistic approaches to healing are encouraged by the medical community. That is because when it comes to fighting cancer, the love of family, support of community, time in prayer and building faith and just about anything else we can do for a cancer patient to keep their spirits up and keep that fighting spirit alive in them is real medicine that aids in the fight.

The loss of hair that is characteristic of a person fighting cancer is a huge negative because of what it does to the self-esteem of the cancer patient. This is especially true of women and the very young. Because that sudden baldness so much shouts out "cancer patient", there is a big public stigma to losing ones hair due to chemotherapy. So one of the big ways that even doctors prescribe helping a patient get through their chemotherapy is to get the patient a very effective wig that can keep their fight private which is as it should be.

There is an entire culture and support system for getting quality wigs for cancer patients of any age. In fact, many healthy individuals deliberately grow long and healthy hair and then donate it through fine organizations like Locks of Love to be used to make wigs to help out those fighting the cancer fight. This is a very caring and charitable way to say, we are with you in this fight so much so you can even have my hair.

If you have that fight ahead of you, there is no time like the present to ask your doctor or counselors how to begin learning about wigs that can be used when the time for chemotherapy comes along. A good fit and match to the patients natural hair is important and agencies both charitable and non-profit will do all they can to make the right wig that will give the cancer patient another weapon to fight this dread disease. And if we as loved ones of cancer patients can enable their fight, we want to do all we can because it isnt just their fight, it is a war all of us want to fight and win against cancer.

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