Welding Machine

Tips for correctly using a welding machine

With the increasingly demanding industrial needs, almost all sectors of activity depend more or less on welding; knowledge of the operation processes, capacity to read welding symbols from blueprints and advanced work skills are usually the main characteristics companies look for when hiring welders. But the most important issue is the way the employee safely manages to operate the welding machine. There are certain protective steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that the process is completed safely and efficiently. Here are a few tips that make welding a lot easier.

The place where the welding machine is located must be selected very carefully; the process must be carried on in a dry area where clean air circulates all the time. Such a measure is absolutely necessary since there are all sorts of chemical fumes that result from the technological process and they are highly risky for the operators' health. In case open air access is not possible, the welding machine must have a special ventilation system installed in its very proximity, for the very same reasons that we have already stated. Furthermore, there should be no flammable substances anywhere nearby the welding machine: paints, solvents or other chemicals increase accident exposure.

The weld area needs to be cleaned prior to the application since any traces of paint, oil, rust or other impurities reduce the efficiency of the welding machine. The employee operating it must wear all the protective apparel required by the occasion: fireproof gloves, apron and a special helmet; all these prevent the exposure to radiation, sparks, spatters or fumes that result from the usage of the welding machine. Furthermore, all the settings of the welding machine need to be adjusted in accordance with the specificity of the metal that is going to be worked on; failure to do so could lead to burn outs or low arc penetration.

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