Welding Hoods

Welding hoods and the necessity for advanced protection

Welding is definitely a process more hazardous than others: there are all sorts of risk that workers are exposed to in case they fail to comply with safety measures. From this perspective welding hoods are an essential part of the equipment that protects the welder from the contamination with the toxic fumes that may result from the metal joining process; welding hoods are also great against the sparks that may hurt the eyes and face of the operator. These special tools suck up all gases and fumes that result from the welding process creating a safe working environment.

Welding hoods are considered one of the items of equipment that can be personalized, meaning that you may choose whichever design, color or model suits your taste and expectations. They come in a variety of models, sizes and prices as well, as we may say that the fancier the hood the more money you pay. Nevertheless beyond the display value, welding hoods provide all sorts of functional features the usually include auto-darkening according to a specific shade selection. Another facility worth mentioning here is the larger viewing angle you get from some of the welding hoods that combine UV and IR protection with easiness of operation.

There are some welding hoods that provide more control over the functions: thus you may select shade level, setting the one that suits the type of welding you are to perform or they enable the user to control lens sensitivity. Always try the hood on before buying it, the majority of the models available on the market are very light and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. In case you want to make sure that the welding hoods you want to purchase respect some quality standards, look for approved models that have special inscriptions to attest to their certification.

It is also important to keep in mind that the selection of the welding hoods also depends on the compatibility level with some other types of head gear. There are all sorts of configurations that match a model, but the weight, the material and the resistance to heat remain common features for all welding hoods regardless of the manufacturing company. Some companies use not just engineers and scientists at the creation of welding hood models, but welders too, since they are the first authorized to pass an opinion on a product or suggest a change in the quality of a product.

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