Tig Welders

Tig welders operation details

Tig welders are primarily used for the joining together of two pieces of metal so as to create one cohesive unit, all with the help with intense heat that causes the metal to melt on edges and then cool compactly. Tig welders create welds that are superior in terms of appearance and quality, argon is the gas preferred for shielding and sometimes even filler metals are provided with the help of separate electrodes. For many people in this business, tig welders have simplified work a lot, since the use of gas for welding is the simplest to learn and apply.

One main problem that may interfere with the use of tig welders is the porosity of the metal. Weld penetration is severely affected when there is paint, grease, rust or oil on the workpiece. In case your choice is tungsten inert gas welding, then you'll have to do something to keep the porosity phenomenon under control. For instance, you may use silicon, aluminum, zirconium or manganese in the wire as a deoxidizer. Before you start this application, try to find out the correct type of chemistry that matches your tig welders. Grinders and metal cleansers are also good to smoothen the metal surface before you begin the operation as such.

For tig welders the check of the shielding gas flow is essential to ensure great results. The flow of the shielding gas is not a fixed one as it varies according to the wind speed, the transfer mode and amperage. The general rule states that a normal gas flow should consists in thirty or forty cubic feet per hour, you may only check such values with the help of a special flow meter. Such devices range from very simple or basic ones to sophisticated and complex models controlled by computers. Don't make the mistake of taking the pressure meter for flow meter, they are not connected, and the tig welders won't have the gas flow set by such devices.

Faulty wire delivery is another very common problem you may run across when operating tig welders. You can notice that there is something wrong with the system if there is some noise or bothering sound when the wire is feeding, and this may be related to the delivery system. The correct thing to do in order to remedy the situation is to check the other components of the tig welders such as the gun liner; this item needs to fit to the wire dimensions and be periodically cleaned to eliminate possible impurities.

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