Weightlifting Supplements

After extensive studies in the field, experts have concluded that certain substances that are an absolute must for the achievement of a special physical condition are not produced by the chemistry of the system. Hence, weightlifting supplements have been labeled as the solution for the dietary deficit as athletes turn to them for developing muscular mass and increasing strength. Weightlifting supplements are usually made of fatty acids such as the linoleic and alpha linoleic ones, vitamin C and chromium picolinate. What exactly is their impact on the vital functions of the body? First of all we need to tell that they ensure an energy boost stimulating hemoglobin production.

Then, weightlifting supplements have a direct influence on the metabolism of insulin and in the fat burning process. Why are weightlifting supplements necessary? The reason for their popularity is totally justified since our regular diet is very poor in fatty substances such as the alpha linoleic acid or Omega 3, and the linoleic acid or Omega 6. They are to be found only in flax seeds and in special fish such as salmon; the first immediate impact on the body is the elimination of the fat deposits at the level of the muscle fiber and the cleansing of the blood from the harmful cholesterol. Omega 6 nevertheless is more common than Omega 3, and it can be taken from eggs and poultry as well as from whole grain bread.

Vitamin C is another common element to be found in weightlifting supplements as it acts as an immunity booster and a great preparatory factor for performing extensive body building exercises. The reason for which vitamin C is held in such high esteem in the composition of weightlifting supplements consists in the suppression of cortison from the muscles. Cortison as a hormone is secreted by the body during physical effort, and it favors the accumulation of fat in the tissues; by the impact on the cortison level, vitamin C helps the athletes keep fat under control while ensuring a proper muscular mass development.

The ingredient in the weightlifting supplements responsible for the metabolism of insulin is chromium picolinate. Athletes need to have a higher level of insulin in the body since this hormone is the one that stimulates the protein and the amino acids in the cells. Chromium picolinate is the insulin enhancer that allows the more rapid transformation of sugar into energy, which is afterwards sent directly to the muscles. All in all, we can speak of a kept promise since the use of weightlifting supplements really brings larger muscles in a shorter period of time; the only condition for their proper use is to stick to the dosage indicated on the package or recommended by a doctor.

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