Weightlifting Singlet

Both practical and good looking, the weightlifting singlet is considered by many athletes a must-have element of their workout apparel. Designed to fit tightly on the body, the weightlifting singlet is most often made of elastic material that allows total freedom of movement, while also accenting the size and the shape of the muscles. Sometimes, a complete skin suit is used for the training with the popular lycra look fitting in the category of the most popular choices.

The freestyle weightlifting singlet is a more special model: the neck and the arm cut is lower, while the leg cut varies from long to short. A combination of nylon and lycra makes such apparel items perfect for both individual training as well as for competitions, since they can be easily customized. It is not at all unusual to have a mascot, a lettering or a message printed on the weightlifting singlet, after all it defines the wearer and increases self-confidence.

The design of the weightlifting singlet traditionally follows three directions, depending on the type of cut used: there can be a fila cut, a low cut or a high cut. The fila cut and the high cut are very much alike, with the mention that it does not cover the body beneath the arms like the high cut models do. The low cut weightlifting singlet on the other hand shows more of the body and it allows for the wearer to perform all the moves with the slightest discomfort. Thus, the athlete remains cooler and drier.

The weightlifting singlet has to be worn directly on the skin in order to avoid acne and dermatitis. During the workout the athlete sweats a lot, and the presence of a t-shirt under the weightlifting singlet would prevent moisture from evaporating and would increase the risk of local skin infections. There is one type of weightlifting singlet that also covers the upper part of the body: it is generally known as a double and it has a t-shirt part made of the same lycra material.

The singlet is not used solely in body building since there are lots of sports that require a tight outfit so as to make arbitration possible. This means that a weightlifting singlet allows for a jury to see all of the athlete's body while in competition; the same clothing rules are applied in wrestling, gymnastics and body building competitions.

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