Weightlifting Shoes

The apparel always varies depending on the type of sport one practices, and shoes make no difference under the circumstances. From the point of view of training specificity, weightlifting shoes are unique in the world of sports since it requires certain peculiarities, like the raised heel, that are not to be found in other sports. There are two requirements weightlifting shoes have to meet: they need to allow the athlete to control the weight in a safe manner by providing stability, and they should also absorb part of the force that is created against the floor, which needs to be channeled upwards. Therefore, weightlifting shoes are designed in such a special way so as to allow the transmission of power between the ground and the bar.

For a pair of weightlifting shoes to be considered within the optimal parameters, a snug fit and outstanding support are required; the wedge sole is usually considered the most important as this is the shoe part responsible for traction against the floor. Most weightlifting shoes are laced up to the the toe in order to provide the comfortable width for the individual wearer, and furthermore, an adjustable additional strap is also passed across the foot at the toe level so as to increase the level of stability.

The first weightlifting shoes were designed and produced by Adidas, but Reebok, Nike and Puma soon issued their own models. The first design was more practical than fashionable, but once the shoes were tried on, everyone fell for them; the truth is that weightlifters soon came to sheerly love this apparel item that increased not only personal efficiency in the body building exercise performance, but individual comfort and safety as well. With the widespread use of special weightlifting shoes, the number of injuries resulting from improper foot wear was drastically reduced.

The prices for weightlifting shoes vary from $40 to $200 depending on the brand name and the materials used in the design. The items are available in regular sports stores or they can be ordered on the Internet. The advantage of the online stores is that you can compare prices in several locations and choose the model that best suits your requirements and budget. A good tip of advice here would be to replace any old weightlifting shoes even if you are very fond of them since in time, the adherence and traction properties may be impaired. It is actually good to have several pairs of weightlifting shoes and use them in turns.

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