Weightlifting Exercises

Body building involves the creation of weightlifting exercises for each group of muscles in particular; there are various practices designed for each stage of training from the amateur or beginner level to the professional Olympic one. The entire performance of the athlete in a competition relies and depends on the weightlifting exercises that constitute his or her training routine. There are two different ways of performing the exercises: you can either use the machines or the free weights. Let's have a look at what each of these methods involves, and at the advantages and disadvantages they bring for every body building program.

Both machines and free weights should be included in the weightlifting exercises as they have different levels of efficiency. Dumbbells and barbells for instance, which are generally referred to as free weights, are the ones that help the athlete increase muscle strength and size. Free weights are excellent for any level of body building and they bring the advantage of free choice of the weightlifting exercises. Nevertheless, machines are highly useful in competition training and every time you want to benefit from a constant stable position in the execution of certain weightlifting exercises. Their great disadvantage is the lack of independence and flexibility.

Some people consider that free weights are at the basis of the most difficult weightlifting exercises. The explanation for such an idea is pretty simple if we were to consider the fact that the weights have to be kept in a very stable position in order to be moved from point A to point B and back. Hence, throughout the entire movement, the athlete's body has to bear with a higher effort level than if the weightlifting exercises would be performed with machines. Therefore, a balanced combination of all sorts of techniques will help the athlete become able to face whatever challenge an exercise brings.

Weightlifting exercises are not enough for competition success or for great muscle development; they need to be integrated in a workout routine that would insure physical growth while not touching on over-training. A proper diet and a correct alternation of the workout and resting period are also crucial if one is to follow an ascending path in body building. Mineral and herbal supplements and vitamins can often complete diet and bring the athlete enough energy to sustain strenuous physical exercises. Without this type of support one risks to exhaust the body's supply and fail in the attempt to grow muscular mass.

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