Weightlifting Equipment

Each sport requires the use of special gear and equipment, and many beginners are often at a loss about what items to choose for their training. For instance, those who consider buying some weightlifting equipment should consider some special guides especially created to serve for such purposes. Many of the body building tips concerning the weightlifting equipment which are mainly available on the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt, since amateur athletes do not need all the gear items used by professionals. Thus, the weightlifting equipment for home gym will include straps, hooks, stomach exercise equipment and dumbbells.

Bars and disks are probably the first weightlifting equipment items of interest: they are absolutely indispensable for training and competitions and are the key to using gym machines and bench work. Moreover, the majority of exercises in the workout routine usually depend on various discs and steel bars from the weightlifting equipment. All standard weights have an inch diameter passage to allow the insertion of a bar. Though such weightlifting equipment is generally used by beginners it is very reliable and a lot cheaper than more advanced products. Even the maximum weight that is loaded on the bars is a lot lower than Olympic weights for instance.

Labeled as professional weightlifting equipment, Olympic weights have a two-inch diameter hole for the insertion of the steel bar, the complete item getting to more than three hundred kilos when necessary. Nevertheless, only the very best can use such weightlifting equipment, as a perfect physical shape and lots of exercises are necessary for the matter. Free weights are often the choice for anyone trying to build some muscular mass, and for such cases the safety factor is crucial. Thus, dumbbells are considered a lot more reliable than barbells, as with the former the risk of accidents in case of exercise failure is lower.

Most home and public gyms include weight benches as a crucial element of weightlifting equipment. There reliability comes from the fact that they can be used in combination with all sorts of weights from power racks and bars to smith machines. Or they can perfectly work when used individually as part of the strength training gear. Between the free bench and the attached bench variants the preference of many athletes goes towards the first since the user remains in control of the movements all the time, whereas with the attached version, the machine is more in control.

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