Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are the substances used for the removal of contaminating agents from any raw water source; the whole purpose of the entire purification process involves the treatment for a specific task. On a regular basis, before being sent to the tap or simply bottled, all water has to undergo such a transformation procedure. Water purifiers are nevertheless essential for other operations in various sectors of activity: there are all sorts of applications to be mentioned here and they range from the chemical and industrial to the medical. All water sources, including natural springs, require a careful chemical laboratory analysis so as to make sure that the water composition is safe.

Water purifiers mainly eliminate suspended particles from various organic materials, but they also remove germs, bacteria and fungi. Sometimes, certain minerals such as silica, magnesium and metals with a high level of toxicity have to be eliminated from the water too. Yet, water purifiers deal not only with the unwanted risky particles but with the smell and the taste too; thus, when minerals are extracted, the taste of the water will inevitably change. Sometimes it takes a pretty long time and lots of expensive tests before a source of water can be declared drinkable.

Water has to go through a very complex process of extraction, pH adjustment, filtration and finally disinfection before being sent to the consumer through the pipe network. Chlorine is the most common of water purifiers as it kills most of the harmful germs and micro-organisms; nevertheless this chemical has the disadvantage of high toxicity levels in its gas form. Most chlorine-based water purifiers are created on site by the use of electrodes introduces in salt solutions, the most reliable, safe and affordable form is the liquid sodium hypo-chlorine. Nevertheless, there is a special water treatment procedure that needs to be followed in order to prevent the formation of dangerous chemical compounds.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are two other widely used water purifiers that are favored in many countries because of the wide spectrum of action in the attempt to eliminate various pathogens. Ozone is created by simply passing oxygen through ultraviolet light, and then added to the water by the procedure known as bubble contact. The great advantage of ozone as compared to other water purifiers is that it has very few or almost no by-products that could be considered a threat to human health.

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