Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

All drinkable water requires a special process of filtration and disinfection so that all germs, fungi and bacteria are eliminated; from all the methods used for the matter, ultraviolet water purifiers are considered the safest and most reliable. UV light eliminates not just viruses but molds, yeast and other micro-organisms; therefore ultraviolet water purifiers have wider applications in industry and the medical world. Furthermore, such devices are used as a post disinfectant method, after chlorine or ozone has already been passed through water. This means that UV light is a safety method with proved efficiency where other means fail.

Ultraviolet water purifiers are capable of disinfecting small and medium water flow, which is why they are ideal for residential use and very easy industrial applications. If you need to purchase such an item, check its treatment capacity: this should range between one and fifty gallons of water per minute. There are ultraviolet water purifiers with a larger flow capacity, it all depends on the kind of application the item is needed for. Consequently, before actually buying such an equipment, make sure you know enough about its features, not to mention that the price depends very much on the technical characteristics of the product.

There are two types of ultraviolet water purifiers: some which are installed at the entry point in the main water line, or others that are attached at the point of use where the water is purified at a single faucet. The former model is preferable since it disinfects all the baths, the tubes and the faucets in the house, hence, such ultraviolet water purifiers are preferable for home use. There are certain technical specifications that need to be respected before the installation: water filters for sediments should be pre-installed before the UV purifier in order to ensure maximum of results.

The lamps used in the ultraviolet water purifiers are usually low pressure, thus providing an efficiency rate in terms of electricity consume. Thus you can be sure that there is no overheating of the system or over-charging of the electricity bill. Consequently, ultraviolet water purifiers make the most economical solution when you need to disinfect the water supply of your home. They are ideal to be used on farms, chalets and rural locations where there is no central disinfection system like in towns and cities; yet, for extra safety, you can attach a water purifier to your pipes even at the heart of the busiest metropolis.

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