Ozone Water Purifiers

How do ozone water purifiers work? Ozone is considered one of the most powerful purifiers and disinfectants that Mother Nature has to offer. Though chemically unstable, the ozone molecule is a true miracle by its freshness and purity. Do you know that incredible smell that follows a summer storm? If you do, let me tell you that is ozone created by the ultraviolets emitted by the sun. Ozone water purifiers recreate the ultraviolets with the help of a lamp, and oxygen changes its atomic structure when passed through the light. The ozone acts on germs and bacteria present in water by causing oxidation, thus changing their internal cellular structure.

Ozone water purifiers include a device known as ozone generator that includes a high intensity ultraviolet lamp. Compressed air is pumped into a special chamber where it is converted into ozone; this very process can help us understand the way the ozone layer actually protects the earth from the direct action of the ultraviolets. Once created, the ozone is sent into a diffuser where ozone-saturated bubbles are made. Water combines with these bubbles in a purification tank and all the organic molecules in it bacteria, protozoa, germs and fungi will be oxidized.

Ozone water purifiers are now used to disinfect 90% of the world's water supply; even bottled water that is labeled as micro-biologically pure relies on ozone treatment. The advantage of Ozone water purifiers is that they act three thousand times more quickly than chlorine for instance; this means that the purification process is almost instantaneous. Due to the high efficiency of the method, not only water but air and food too are presently purified by ozonification as the procedure has been taken up by large industrial sectors. However, ozone water purifiers need to be combined with special filters so as to eliminate the various inorganic particles that give the water a murky look.

The best ozone water purifiers are those that turn on and off depending on whether the water flow itself is turned on or off. They can be attached to almost any inch water pipe and provide an uninterrupted ozone concentration at a specific flow rate. The amount of power such devices require varies from model to model; yet the standard electricity consume should be around 32 watts as a standard. Consequently, ozone water purifiers provide clear water for the entire household without adding up too much to the electricity bill.

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