Homemade Water Purifier

Contaminated or polluted water is part of the daily story of our cities, nevertheless, even in apparently unspoiled natural corners you may be surprised by the dangers that lurk in creeks, rivers and lakes. Though the market has been flooded by an incredibly rich offer of filters and disinfectants, not all of them are compatible with the faucets in old homes and apartments. For such locations the use of a homemade water purifier is an alternative and a great advantage too: on the one hand water has an increased security level, and on the other, you will save some extra money both from the electricity costs and the investment.

What exactly is a homemade water purifier? The most basic form of such a device is made from raw materials available in the household, and there are plenty of ingenious ways to design it. First of all, you may use a cotton cloth folded several times to pass water through; the clarity of the water highly depends on the very thickness of the material. Such an improvised homemade water filter is used when you go camping or hiking and you lack other means; if you could also boil the water after filtering it, the chances of getting a higher water purity are double.

A rather primitive but still in use method relies on a combination of wet clay, sand, pebbles and some freshly burnt coal. The quality of the water purified according to this rudimentary system is incredible, which is why such a homemade water purifier is still actual in the countryside. One other way of getting drinkable water without the use of any additional device is to expose filtered water to the direct action of sun rays. Cover a container with a sheet of plastic material and place it in the sun even before dawn; that is actually the time when the highest concentration of ultraviolets hits the earth.

Boiling remains one other purification method that is still widely in use; its efficiency is recognized against the bacteria, protozoa and fungi present in the water. Through boiling such micro-organisms are killed and the water becomes biologically safe for the human system. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the fact that no homemade water purifier will eliminate chemicals such as iodine or heavy metals like lead. Only a technologically advanced filter will take care of such impurities that ruin the quality of drinkable water.

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