Countertop Water Purifiers

Water purification goes back thousands of years to the ancient times when various improvised methods were used to eliminate large particles from drinkable water. Only later on did people realize that the taste and the smell of the water could also be improved with the help of special devices that in our times got the name of filters and purifiers. Presently, both industry branches and households benefit from the advantages offered by countertop water purifiers. As a general rule countertop water purifiers are manufactured in two basic forms: some that require periodical cartridge change and others that need no interference whatsoever.

The cartridges of countertop water filters have a usage period of no more than six months, while the models that require no changes whatsoever are reliable for a period that varies between one and three years. Countertop water purifiers neutralize the chlorine and eliminate all sorts of heavy metals from lead and iron to mercury, cadmium and chromium. Furthermore, quality countertop water purifiers also work for the elimination of pesticides and inorganic arsenic while also inhibiting the development of moth and bacteria. These water filters further include special ceramic bacteria screens that make water a lot safer to drink.

Countertop water purifiers have also proved effective in the removal of fluoride from water, but a special type of feature is required for proper performance under such circumstances. Installation and maintenance are usually very easy according to high technological standards; no impurities will be able to pass in the water once you have the filter attached to the water line. Your drinking supply will be safe for a long time, and your health will be well taken care of. Studies indicate that by the removal of chlorine from the drinking water we actually escape the risk of premature aging associated with exposure to this chemical.

The countertop water purifiers produced by Aquasana come with an adapter kit that allows the flexible installation of the filter. The system allows the possibility to switch from the filtered to non-filtered option, while bringing a very cheap alternative to bottled water. If the countertop water purifiers are not the solution for you you can try the undercounter water filtration manufactured by the same company and enjoying some of the best credentials in this field of activity. The price for the filters as such varies according to the technical features of the design you choose, which is why it is important to check the details before making any purchase.

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