Wall Clocks

When I think about wall clocks, I can hear the chiming wall clock from my childhood. What was about it that made me dream? Most probably the fascination of the time teller that always helped me when I got into troubles.

I am a wall clock fan for decorating any house. Itís modern and nostalgic at the same time. You can find decorative wall clocks in handcrafted wood style, that give a touch of warmth to the room: they can be designed in metal to make it trendy, in silver to make it stylish, or in acrylic to make it colorful. I even saw futuristic wall clocks, made from liquids, that brought a very personal and interesting note to the room.

Do you remember the time when you first learn to tell the time properly? Because we had wall clocks instead of a digital timepiece I think we learned faster. In most schools the wall clock with faces is the remaining time teller, just for this small reason: learning the small ones to read the time.

Wall clocks are functional, but thatís the least of their advantages: they are beautiful or fun. A pendulum wall clock is perfect as a gift for the wedding, it is not like you'd always count the seconds that passed since the happy event. It can nevertheless strike the perfect hour at the 50th anniversary: the golden wedding.

When I think about funky wall clocks I think about neon. A neon clock brings light and modernism to the room, and leaves the mark of the user. On the other hand when considering traditional in wall clocks, the pendulum is the first one to come to my mind.

Collectors may find it interesting to buy the more unusual wall clocks, the unforgettable dancing Elvis Presley clock, the Marilyn Monroe clock, Felix the Cat and his moving eyes clock.

The majority of the wall clocks I've seen are easy to hang and efficient when it comes to saving energy, besides the ones that need special attention, as antique wall clocks. Among the average models, there are ones that seem intelligent, they automatically switch from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time, and back again as necessary, so they donít require any attention from the user.

One of the most popular and modern design when it comes to wall clocks is the one that is able to check time throughout the day via radio frequencies; afterwards it would reset to the proper time, as it may be the case.

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