Small Wall Clocks

Small wall clocks for tiny rooms? This sounds like a discrimination of good taste principles, and it is. A small wall clock looks great even in larger rooms, with the condition of being placed in a strategic place, where it can be put in a great spotlight.

The thing with small wall clocks is that the majority look too good to ignore when it comes to buying them. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to think about a perfect location for such an item before actually buying it; two wall clocks in a room is a clear no no. In order to make small wall clocks visible there should be few other objects around to divert the focus of attention.

In terms of functionality, there is nothing unusual or different about small wall clocks. What then makes them special? The decorative dimension of such items is higher than for pendulums for instance, they are more difficult to read and will ordinarily fill a space by the aesthetic features rather than by practicality.

A small clock is perfect when you have it personalized, the very customization process is easier because of the reduced size. You can have a small text inscribed on the object as a reminder for the person you want to offer it to; this could very well commemorate a special event in the family or in one's life: an anniversary, a personal success and even a great business deal.

The perfect size for small clocks is closely related to visibility; they will require a certain proximity in order to be practical. Once you get closer, the eye is more easily caught by the design. For anyone who likes special materials, Murano glass, for instance will allow for the creation of very special aesthetic effects, but Swarowski crystals will put a great accent to small wall clocks as well.

Handcrafted wood, paintings, seashells, silver, gold, gemstones or other different unique materials will turn small wall clocks into exquisite artwork. They will definitely come for a lot higher prices, but collectors will consider it worth the effort if it is for a one-in-a-life time opportunity.

The sound of small wall clocks is equally important; there can be a nice mini pendulum that beats every half an hour or every hour, or a piece of classic music that tells the time. Furthermore, lights can also be included in the design of the clocks, accenting the object and contributing to the atmosphere enhancement in the room.

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