Personalized Wall Clocks

Corporate gift catalogs provide a large area of personalized wall clocks that can be offered to customers, business partners, family and friends on important events or occasionally. For Christmas, Easter or the other important holidays over the year, when the demand for personalized wall clocks is higher, advertising agencies and retailers closely work with clock suppliers to get the best deal possible.

Why do personalized wall clocks make such a great gift? Because they function as reminders; for a relatively small price, you get the person that receives to remember your business as long as he/she sees the clock on the wall. They are also a great way of saying “thank you” and showing gratitude. And, unless the clock breaks, it will stay there for a long period of time; therefore, personalized wall clocks are a great way to advertise your brand with subtlety.

You can choose to provide personalized wall clocks to all business partners, but you have to be careful that the quality of the items should be impeccable. If the design or the decorative pattern suggests something cheap, you can say good-bye to a good and honorable image for your company. Details make the difference: follow this principle when customizing wall clocks and things will work out for your benefit.

The design of the personalized wall clocks has to be kept simple. You can use only the logo, the colors and the motto of the company; do not use more than two colors, or three if we are talking about shades. The price for a custom order will be all the more affordable if you purchase a larger number of clocks; the more you buy the higher the discount, this is rule number one in the business.

Personalized wall clocks also make great gifts for family and friends. A short suggestive message will make more than one thousand words and will last for a life time; you can use such items to mark a special moment in the family history or to celebrate a unique event.

Send the personalization details in advance: colors, message, type of characters, fonts, and even pictures. Some will even want to include a photo of a dear one in the design; abstract representations, modern looks, and any other details are welcome, on the only condition that they be discussed with the designer, to see whether everything can be executed according to your specifications.

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