Nautical Wall Clocks

Nautical wall clocks have the great advantage of combining the features of regular clocks with special stylish weather related clocks. Thus, they can include hygrometers, barometers and thermometers, which are not necessarily practical when used to decorate any regular house, but which definitely look good. Most of the items sold as nautical wall clocks are first and foremost decorative even if they imitate the functional, real instruments on a ship.

The main feature of nautical wall clocks is durability both for the case as well as the glass; solidly designed they often include splash and scratch resistant qualities. They are usually sold with all the necessary instructions, with the precise type of batteries required and the mounting hardware specific to the model. Moreover, most such items have a lifetime warranty, batteries being the only changeable item in their structure.

There are certain items that go very well together with nautical wall clocks when used for indoor decorations; miniature ship models, shells, polished rocks and so on. Design varies from one manufacturer to another, but one thing is for sure, nautical wall clocks are very simple, without any adornments whatsoever. The weather telling devices included are not very useful when used inside of the house; you can mainly benefit from the barometer that will tell the air pressure regardless of the location.

You can create a very nautical look inside of your home, one of your rooms may very well resemble the captain's rail or cabinet. There are plenty of design tips that you can find online, but the most advantageous and nice would be a combination of finials and roping that would faithfully recreate not just the looks but the boat atmosphere as well. Also add one of the many nautical wall clocks advertised by so many producers, and you've got yourself a cozy and original house corner.

The price of nautical wall clocks is a bit higher than that of regular clocks due to the advanced number of special features included. However, you can still get a very good price if you have the time to check the online offers of many retailers; you can ask for quotes in case the prices are not shown together with the product. Depending on the complexity of the item, the costs can go up to even $1000. Yet, do not worry, there are items for all pockets too, so you'll most surely find what you look for.

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