Howard Miller Wall Clocks

In 1926, Howard Miller, aged 21, founded a company the main purpose of which was to manufacture clocks. The key concept that sells Howard Miller wall clocks so well is the close attention to details; it is almost impossible not to notice the fine execution elements when you closely examine their work. The materials are exquisite, the design is very well studied and the craftsmanship of the work is remarkable.

There are more types of Howard Miller wall clocks. You can find gallery wall clocks, key wound wall clocks, quartz, retro designs, accuwave and technical wall clocks. No matter what your idea about the perfect classical wall clock may be, you’ll find something to your liking by browsing through the Howard Miller wall clocks collection. The more conservative persons will be very happy to find that the range of products is very wide, and they have plenty of models to choose from.

Howard Miller wall clocks make great gifts for weddings; your budget is safe , and your friends will appreciate the time teller that reminds them the moment of their union. You might want to know that Howard Miller is the clock producer with the widest grandfather clock collection in the world.

For the ones that know little about grandfather clocks, they usually include pendulums. Such Howard Miller wall clocks are large, weight-driven, 6-8 feet tall with the pendulum inside the tower or at the mid of the case. They strike the time every hour or fraction of an hour, so that the place where they is anything but quiet.

The term of grandfather clock was not invented by Howard Miller, it did not appear together with the Howard Miller wall clocks. In 1876 , Henry Clay Work wrote a song about two brothers that were so close, that when one of them died, a clock began to lose time. Despite the many attempts to repair it, the clock still didn’t work, and, when the second brother died, the clock stopped running altogether.

There is the notion of grandmother and granddaughter clocks. If the clock is smaller than 5 feet (about 1.5 meters), the term used is “granddaughter clock”. Between 1.5 m you’ll hear about grandmother clocks, while the grandfather variety starts with with 1.8 m.

Beside Howard Miller clock company, there are a few other classical wall clock producers. Here we can mention James Stewart and Sons, Seth Thomas Clock Company, Ridgeway Clocks or D’ Clock Boutique. In the ancient times, William Barrow, Thomas Ross, Henry Young or Thomas Cartwright were internationally recognized as the great clock tycoons.

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