Cool Wall Clocks

What is it exactly that we mean by cool wall clocks? The image that comes to one's mind definitely includes a concept of either very unusual wall clocks that we can find on a basic Google search, or even the most usual ones. Cool wall clocks are the exact opposite of what one implies by traditional or classic wall clocks: they are modern, sparkling and even surprising.

Cool wall clocks are perfect for children, adolescents and non-conformist rooms. The message they send is self-confidence, non-conformism and determination. It’s difficult to put together cool wall clocks and traditionalists. For them the perfect wall clock would be a pendulum or a classical clock that strikes every half an hour. But for the ones with a free spirit, a clock is an extension of their personality, it says something about them.

Technologically improved wall clocks are cool; thus, there are even atomic wall clocks which use a built-in receiver that synchronizes them with the official US time. Or there can be clocks that show the phases of the moon, the alignment of the planets and the atmosphere humidity at the same time. This kind of clocks are extremely fit for science, technology and the latest discoveries enthusiasts.

Artistic wall clocks can be cool too, but they are often labeled as classical or modern clocks. Paintings, sculptures, metal and wood work can be adapted to fit the design of a normal wall clock, and the item will soon be seen as trendy and belonging to the category of cool wall clocks.

The clocks with the pictures of movie stars are considered cool by teenagers in search of role models. However, such cool wall clocks require very careful matching to the atmosphere and the design of the room; they are completely inappropriate for living rooms for instance, but they will do for hallways and teen rooms.

For children who enjoy creating their fairy tale world, cool wall clocks impersonate cartoon characters. Far from being just time-telling objects, such clocks will tech the young ones punctuality and help them learn how to read the time sooner.

Cool wall clocks are qualified as trendy in association with a situation, a person or a space; and the very notion of “cool” allows a lot of room for debate. Not anyone will use such an epithet to describe a carefully and artistically crafted work; “cool” refers more to the average decorative item that gives an ultra-modern look to a space.

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