Chiming Wall Clocks

Calm people, and those who enjoy classic music and other very harmonious beats will most surely be in love with chiming wall clocks as they seem to provide stability. You may still remember the chiming wall clocks in your grandparents' house and feel nostalgic when you think about such times; the sound of the clock must have made you feel safe. Even if you were the only one in the room, you had a companion: every half of hour one beat, every hour the number of the hour, till 12.

There is almost a cliché picture specific to classic films where chiming wall clocks beat the time sometimes romantically, sometimes frightening, or just to make a point; but you won't find them only in great movies. Famous cities like Prague will often have chiming wall clocks in public places: they provide such a show for tourists and they create the atmosphere specific to a city.

In old homes chiming wall clocks seem simple and warm, most of them have Roman dials and are usually made of wood. In a research to find the right chiming wall clocks you will find out that there are a great deal of types, and they can be sorted by different criteria. From the design point of view there are elegant chiming wall clocks, classical, contemporary or even unique clocks. In terms of style, there are chiming quartz wall clocks, decorative, key-wound or pendulum wall clocks.

Many people are extremely pleased with the fact that most of the contemporary chiming wall clocks have a manual silencer option, or even an automatic silencer option as compared to the more sophisticated ones. The sound can be classic, the Westminster chime, or triple chime, Westminster, Whittinghton or St’ Michael’s, bim-bam, it can be the passing bell strike or the half hour strike. The quality of the chiming melody also depends on the elements it is played: metal rods, coils or brass bells.

Chiming wall clocks are present in the collections of all the big names in the clock manufacturing industry: Howard Miller, Kieninger, Alma Klokken, London, Ridgeway, Seth Thomas or Rombach and Haas. They come for higher prices but the quality is undeniably superior: such clocks are true assets in one's home. For the average buyer, however, a simple search will bring tones of online shops where you can find all types of chiming wall clocks in a diversity of designs.

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