Usda Food Pyramid

You will find many ways to getting a healthy body. These routes will include exercising, dieting and eating the proper foods. Among the many items that you can use to help you plan a healthy diet is that of the USDA food pyramid. With the help of this handy item you can see what sorts of foods are good for your health.

The information that you can get from the USDA food pyramid can be in two different forms. One form will be that of only a picture. The other form will have this picture and helpful serving information. You should understand that there is more than one type of USDA food pyramid pictures that you can look for.

Before you choose to use the information that is provided you may wish to see different pictures or charts. With the information that you can get from the USDA food pyramid you will be able to plan your daily meals. This is helpful if you are trying to maintain a healthy, slim looking figure.

To provide you with an idea of how the USDA food pyramid looks you need to understand that you will only be seeing one face of the pyramid. On this face the various food groups will be divided into 6 sections. The bottom of the pyramid will in general have a number of different cereals, breads, pastas, and rice that you can choose to incorporate into your diet.

The next section of the USDA food pyramid is divided into two parts. One part contains foods like vegetables, leafy greens, and root vegetables to name but a few. The other part of this table shows lots of different fruits that can be eaten. Above these two groups you will find that the USDA food pyramid is yet again divided into two.

These two groups contain foods like meats, fish, dry beans, eggs, poultry, and various types of nuts. In the other part of this tier you will find a plentiful amount of dairy and cheese products. Additionally you can find different types of oil, sweets and fats placed at the top of the USDA food pyramid.

Besides looking at the different types of food that you can eat you will have the chance of seeing the quantity of foods that you should server for yourself during any meal. For instance you will be cautioned against eating too much of sweets, fats and oil based foods.

On the other hand you can eat more of the breads, cereals, rice and pasta types as opposed to the other foods that you will find in the USDA food pyramid. By looking at the different USDA food pyramid charts you can see the foods that will provide you with a healthy alternative to living.

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