Palm Tree

Palm tree species are starting to become a common thing for our gardens. As most people know there are also palms resistant to cold weather so that temperature is no longer a problem at all. If you love gardening and think about planting some palms in your back yard you will first need to consider the space problem. Any palm tree needs a lot of room to grow and everybody knows how tall they can get at maturity. As they can grow very fast there are people who use them even for bordering their property.

Palm tree species are remarkable as they not only grow in hot tropical and subtropical places, there are some species that can endure frost and snow as well. When choosing the trees for your garden think about the climate specificity in your area and consider only the trees that can adapt to such particular conditions. Be sure when you make the decision since the general rule of Nature has it that trees usually grow slowly and can die very fast from a variety of factors.

The next step is to analyze why you need the trees, is it for shade? In this case King Palms are the best solution. This palm tree specie grows fast if planted in a rich soil with plenty of water. Sun light is also essential for them, and in the best possible conditions they can get 25 meters high in less than ten years, yet the maximum height for them is forty feet.

The Queen palm tree species is also very popular as it grows faster than the King variety, thus, in less than seven years a tree can grow up to twenty five meters in height. They can reach sixty feet and can adapt to cooler habitats without any problem. Another species worth mentioning is the Majesty palm tree, found in many places around the world. These trees may not grow as fast as the King Palm trees but in ten years they can rise at a hight of ten feet reaching their maximum in about thirty years. They don't like salt and prefer soils reach in magnesium.

When shopping for palm tree seeds a lot of documentation and questions must be asked. It is very possible to grow several palm types but you must know which one adapts best to your environment conditions. Don't use only the Internet for making up your mind. A lot of valuable information and rich advice can be found in a gardening stores since many of the people working there take gardening as a hobby and could be of real help too.

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