Mimosa Tree

The beautiful mimosa tree comes from Africa and Asia, but it has now extended to lots of other places all over the world thanks to its great decorative looks. It grows at a maximum height of thirty feet, and being a deciduous tree, it attracts insects, butterflies and bees making a rich garden atmosphere. It has been used since 1745 by gardeners to bring beauty into their back yards. They grow best in a climate neither too wet nor too dry, and they don't resist to cold weather. The mimosa tree blooms from May to July and it produces no less than 200,000 seeds per year, which makes it easily adaptable to the environment.

Any mimosa tree is most appreciated for its beautiful pink flowers, but it also creates a large canopy that looks very much like an umbrella. Its branches are not compact so that enough light passes through them to allow flowers to grow beneath. It grows very fast, adding more than 3 feet every year until it reaches full maturity, the maximum height being 35 feet. The mimosa trees adapts very well even in alkaline soils and its only problem could be related to temperatures. As a means of self-protection the flowers and the leaves get closed over night, making it all the more special to watch in the morning.

The mimosa tree is the best one to grow if you want to have shadow in your garden in the shortest time possible, municipalities use it to reduce the heat influence in regions like parking lots, street sides and parks. Although the mimosa tree needs little or no attention at all it is recommended that until it reaches maturity to water it plentifully, furthermore in spring when roots grow faster it is recommended to use some fertilizer to help the plant develop faster. After it reaches maturity the mimosa tree is not a worry for anybody, you can forget about taking care of it.

Problems with a mimosa tree come if you decide to cut down the tree, because you'll need to eliminate the roots as well since this plant has an incredible power to regenerate. It will soon grow back exactly on the spot where you cut it from, not to mention that it has so many seeds that a single tree can populate a neighborhood. So if you don't want a mimosa tree in your garden any more, you'll have to take radical measures against it.

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