Happy Tree Friends

Many Internet users may be familiar with the great popularity of the flash cartoon series known as the Happy Tree Friends; though apparently designed in the most innocent of ways, this type of cartoons is not exactly recommended to children. Though the Happy Tree Friends looks really cute and harmless, the series is full of violent scenes: there is someone dying in almost every episode. Graphics are at their best in the making of the show, and the very essence of the Happy Tree Friends relies on imagery and figurative representations since dialogues are nearly absent. The characters do speak, but there is some sort of mumbling instead of properly articulate sentences so that the spectator guesses rather than understands what they say.

The beginnings of the Happy Tree Friends go back to the online debut in 2000, when the series had an immense success, which led to its presentation at film festivals. There were countries where the episodes of the show were transferred into a TV format being watched by millions of people: from Canada, Brazil and Italy to the Philippines and Russia, Happy Tree Friends was a great hit. In a nutshell we could say that the Happy Tree Friends won over all the visual and audio media from the world wide web to the television channels.

All the characters in the Happy Tree Friends are animals that act and talk like people, but they share some common features that make them easy to recognize. Thus, most of the happy tree friends show some two front buckteeth and heart-shaped noses. Each episode starts with a very peaceful, casual scene in which the characters are carrying on some daily tasks, but such situations easily degenerate in violence because of the accidents the animals have while using the most common tools and instruments. It is nice to follow the moralizing messages that are included in each of the Happy Tree Friends episodes such as “Don't bite more than you can chew!”.

The Tree Happy Friends shows produced for television purposes are ten times longer than the Internet episodes; the former last for about half an hour, whereas those presented online are not longer than three minutes. Last but not least, the creators of the Tree Happy Friends have also released four DVDs with these great animal shows, and the initiative proved just as successful and profitable as the other presentation forms.

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