Fools Garden Lemon Tree

One of the major hits of the year 1996, Fools Garden Lemon Tree is a song that got to the hearts of many people all over the world. It was a success not only in the European tops, but it enjoyed massive success in the United States as well. The lyrics of the song betray a very dark mood of loneliness and boredom that is marked by the presence of a lemon tree in the room. If it weren't for the music that we were so used to humming, the lyrics of the Fools Garden Lemon Tree would look like a piece of post-modern poetry defining the general tendency of young generations who are too disillusioned to find their right track in life.

The first quatrain of Fools Garden Lemon Tree defines the elements that trigger boredom and the blue mood: first of all it's a rainy Sunday and there is nothing to do around the house. Then, the dear person is absent, and the lover keeps waiting and waiting but “nothing ever happens”. Just like the yellow lemon tree, the “nothing ever happens” refrain functions as a recurring motif of the Fools Garden Lemon Tree song, defining the linearity of an existence one resents.

The lemon tree is actually the symbol of the dullness in one's life when the beloved person is gone. One has to wonder how the band came to choose the lemon tree as a symbol for disillusionment. There are several interpretations to that, first of all Fools Garden Lemon Tree stands out by the fact that it points to the way life has its sour moments just like the taste of the juicy but acid lemon fruit. Then, the yellow color has often been associated with jealousy and unfulfilled love, so this interpretation could also stand out. Beyond the message, there are certain features of the song that make it stand out.

First of all, the structure of the Fools Garden Lemon Tree song sticks to one's mind pretty easily; first of all, the words are very simple and the presence of repetitions and motifs allows for the rapid memorization of the lyrics. Thus, it was not uncommon to see people humming to the lyrics of the Fools Garden Lemon Tree on the bus, at the bar or even in schools. Though the other songs the band wrote did not enjoy the same great impact on the audience, Fool's Garden definitely remained in music tradition thanks to this one marvelous piece of music that has become a true classic over the last decade.

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